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RSKI's new GripperKey will give you a grip on your jetski lanyard like never before. The RSKI GripperKey is designed to make it easier and faster to get your ski running quickly when you need it. Whether you're racing and need to get your lanyard back in quickly, or if you're riding in surf and can't afford to be fumbling around trying to install a normal lanyard, the RSKI GripperKey will give you the advantage. Get a "grip" on your lanyard!


  • Add to any lanyard, no need to buy a new one
  • Orientation doesn't matter, top and bottom are identical for ease of use
  • Plug in your lanyard with ease
  • Includes tool for install & removal of GripperKey pin
  • Built in retention features to hold the pin in place
  • Increased retention to prevent accidental lanyard removal
  • Bright orange for improved visibilty


**This item does not include the actual lanyard, it is meant to use on existing lanyards!**

RSKI GripperKey

  • 1-RSKI GripperKey

    1-RSKI GripperKey removable pin

    1-RSKI GripperKey install & removal tool