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Click here to see the YouTube Video!


Our goal is to just share the stoke and build a following on YouTube. Would be awesome if you would subscribe to our channel to support us and share with some friends and help us get the channel rolling!  Send pics and tag us when you print some nozzles!


Here's the link if you haven't seen the video yet: RSKI Nozzle backflip video!


.STL file format for 3D printing your own RSKI nozzles! If you enjoy our work support RSKI projects on If not, that's ok. The discount code is "freenozzle!" These nozzles fit 1990-2007 Yamaha Superjets. P.S. we used a .6mm nozzle, 4 outlines, 20% infill, and .35mm layer height. PLA worked for us with these settings. Might depend on water temp though. The water is pretty cold here in Oregon. Have fun!

RSKI Riders Nozzle download

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