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Here are the reasons you need at least one of these nozzles:

  • Fine tune the handling of your ski in less than 5 minutes
  • Want to flip but the surf is small? Grab a +5 or +8 nozzle to get that rotation
  • Want to race your surf ski? Bolt up a Zero or -2 to keep that nose planted
  • Broke your old nozzle and need an affordable replacement that looks awesome? Here it is.
  • 15% stronger than an OEM nozzle in our torque to failure test
  • Built in quicker steering than OEM nozzles
  • Swap from OEM with no steering cable adjustments
  • ***Not designed to fit Thrust or other aftermarket trim rings!***

RSKI 62T Steering Nozzle (fits 2008-2020 Superjet)

Main Nozzle Color
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